Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Charter:
(based on 4th edition Principles effective 1 July 2020)

  1. Board Charter [PDF]
  2. Diversity and Inclusion Policy [PDF]
  3. Code of Conduct [PDF]
  4. Audit and Risk Committee [PDF]
  5. Continuous Disclosure Policy [PDF]
  6. Shareholder Communications Policy [PDF]
  7. Risk Management Policy [PDF]
  8. Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter [PDF]
  9. Share Trading Policy (carried forward from Charter adopted 18 June 2014) [PDF]
  10. Whistleblower Policy [PDF]
  11. Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy [PDF]

Appendix 4G FY2022 [PDF]

Corporate Governance Statement FY2022 [PDF]
(on compliance in respect of year ended 30 June 2022)